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Isay Eremeev share your entrepreneurship secret.

Isay Eremeev, He tells us his tips and tricks on how to start a business.

Isay Eremeev He has a history of independent marketing campaigns and has projected results as a way of life. He engages with the product he offers and catapults it to the market organically but effectively through his social networks. Today he shares his secrets of success.


His family is everything, it is the engine of his entrepreneurship which, together with his passion for growth, managed to specify, after a few ups and downs, the best way to undertake and implement an effective business model adapted to the digital age.

There are some life lessons you must live to learn the art of business.

Here are some tips that newbies in online business would mention:

- Make karma work for you.

If you are bad, the world will be bad for you. If you are good, then good will return to you. Simple concept: what goes around comes around.

“I really believe Karma is real. When you put energy there, you'll get it back one way or another ”.  

You have to keep this very much in mind as it is something that is a very important part of Top Tree culture. They strive to provide excellent customer service with goodwill and transparency. Also, "what goes up must go down." Therefore, putting positive energy into something will come back to you.

- Be humble

Humility is something that everyone teaches us, whether at home or at school. However, for some of us who are not the humblest, life has its ways of humiliating us. One year, your business may be taking over, but the following year it may be declining. However, it is very important to be humble during lifts, as sometimes "people may not help you get back up" if you are not humble.

This is related to Karma, as you must give back to those in need, as you may have needed help in the past. Anyway, you will definitely need some help in the future.

So make sure arrogance is something you stay away from. After celebrating important milestones, you should never think that you have achieved it. Focus on the next goal.

- Protect yourself from harm

Don't trust everyone who claims they can help you. In business there are no friends; It's about profit and making sure you don't harm anyone else. Family and friends should be carefully evaluated when it comes to decisions related to their activity in your business. Alternatively, make sure they aren't hurting you either.

Also, make sure that the legal aspects of your business are correct.

- Focus on perception

Financial metrics, such as a high rate of return or return on investment, are a crucial part of business success. However, the various ways that others view your business is even more important to the success of your business.

Making customers happy by ensuring high-quality customer service is important to siblings.

There is a saying that "the customer is always right". There is also a saying that "the customer is always king". Both are highly appreciated by the brothers.

Build a reputable brand by ensuring that your business is suitable for the respective customer.

Remember that your business record and reviews are just a search away. Social credibility is essential to the success of the company to convince potential investors, buyers, or customers that your company is right for them.


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Thank you very much Isay Eremeev for sharing your secret to start a successful online business, it was really nice to interview you.


I'm Paula Morao, VoiceOver Creative Producer of Radio and Audiovisuals for Social Networks.

Follow me on Instagram @moraopaula

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