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Isay Eremeev "The brand ambassador" and his role in online marketing

Isay Eremeev , explains what would be the approach we should give to our social networks if we intend to be ambassadors for maracas and generate effective sales through social networks.

In his narrative he explained to us that, The brands are constantly redesigned to stay current and capture the attention of the consumer by offering a range of product variety and quality.

One of the techniques that must be used is to generate the need to obtain it, but not so much for its beauty, but for the values that they represent and to generate that link between the consuming public and the empathy towards whoever sells it.

That is, to make an organic sale of the product that is represented as Brand Ambassador, this term in the modern era of marketing is widely used since it is usually very effective in fulfilling the mission and making sales, in English it would be used the term "brand ambassador" or "advocate".

According to Isay Eremeev. A brand ambassador must attract the attention of the product to the companies or consumer with spots, publications or in offline promotional actions.

But one section at a time must be covered. Delimit the scope according to the tastes of the viewer. In other words, if the product is of the sport type, as well as the brands that Isay Eremeev represents, it must be linked and make that connection with consumers who are also interested in this type of clothing.

It is not just about looking good with what you intend to sell, in the exclusive case of sportswear, you must show your passion for sports, the fitness world, and connect the products you represent in a natural way. .


You must have a formula in mind.

Clothing + Shoes + protein supplements = create a value chain to connect with consumers and generate a promotion for various brands, but with the same organic interest for consumer purchase.


With this, the brand ambassador creates a link with his followers on networks, usually Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, which gives them security and the desire to emulate the lifestyle shown on these social networks.

So always when displaying images or videos on social networks, a balance must be maintained in the moderately exaggerated aesthetic, but with a sense of reality so that such empathy with the consumer can be generated.


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It was a pleasure for us to interact with Isay Eremeev and share these tips for the online sale of products with an organic strategy such as being a brand ambassador.


I'm Paula Morao, VoiceOver Creative Producer of Radio and Audiovisuals for Social Networks.

Follow me on Instagram @moraopaula

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